My approach is to tailor my program to the individual needs of the organization. I have learned that each organization-like the people in them-is unique. I work hard to understand the personality and needs of your organization, and then develop the programs that address those needs. This is achieved through one-on-one assessments with leadership to identify your organization’s vision, goals, and objectives. Working collaboratively, we are able to develop an action plan to achieve success.

As we cycle through this process, we will identify: best practices, implementation strategies, and highlight sustainment imperatives, while to listen, understand and acknowledge input from others. My goal is to create a climate of mutual respect, collaboration, and cooperation through engagement, conversation and understanding.


I’m considered a thought leader in the field of early childhood education, governance and leadership. My recent research and work additionally focuses on social justice, race equity, diversity and inclusion. I began my career in a logical place for people interested in education: on the ground floor, first as a student, later as a teacher in the classroom then a head of school and now on the faculty of one of the top ranked universities in the United States.

Dr. Val Wise smiling in front "Upper School" building.